Colorful, without laces and super comfy: these are the must have sneakers of this Spring/Summer.

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The slip-on par excellence are obviously The Vans, but we have seen them on the most important catwalks since the last year , restyled by the greatest stylists.

A lot of fantasies, textures,colors and draperies characterized the most expensive slip-on sneakers.

But of course it’s not necessary to buy them from Stella McCartney, Christian Louboutin or Chanel because you can easily find them on cheapest stores like Zara, Mango or Cos.They have such a beautiful collection of sneakers slip-on and some of them are really the best ones I have ever seen.

But how to stylize them?

Well, I’m convinced that we have to express our own style in every occasion without looking at the style of other people, but in this case I find some amazing outfits that might inspire you.

slip-on-sneaker-trend f03xmq-l

gap-animal-print-slip-on-sneakers-3 08-fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+street+style+outfit+ootd+jil+sander+navy+shirt+prada+panel+stripe+pants+celine+grey+wool+slip+on+sneakers+chic+woodwood+bandage+clutch+2014+fashion+week+men+beijing+china+blogger-865x576

sneakers2_zps6a09422d black-topshop-coat-monki-bag-leather-zara-pants-bronx-sneakers

As you can see, the most used way to stylize them is mixing colors.

For example, if you have a solid color Slip-on you can wear it with a total different color to make a contrast, or you can concentrate your outfit only on that color.

But I love to stylize a garish slip-on with a classy outfit, for example a leopard sneaker slip-on with a white skirt and a black sweater and maybe with an orange handbag.

So, that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed this post!





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